Experience for yourself how 3D Food And Drink Solutions can help enhance your restaurant, catering, hotel, or hospitality business.


We Create 3D Food And Drink Interactive Experiences

Take your menu, coaster, placemat, and more to the next level using augmented reality (AR) and artificial intelligence (AI).

Solutions Perfect For Hospitality Industries

Innovative technology that helps restaurants, hotels, culinary schools, and hospitality professionals modernize their menus.

Education & Training

Smarter learning in and out of kitchens will help hone your cookery skills. Cooks can easily and visually understand how to prepare an ingredient for a recipe even if they have no cooking experience.

Bars & Restaurants

Clubs, bars and restaurants can be highlighted through interactive experiences. Guests scan specially marked print to activate exclusive deals offered on that establishments menu.

Hotels & Resorts

Casinos, hotels, and resorts must differentiate their brand experiences, particularly if they seek to win over millennials, who shy away from predictability and are quick to embrace the new and different.

Transform your cuisine into memorable, 3D art.

Our interactive digital food menus enable your customers to place stunning 3D visualizations of your dishes onto a table with only a few taps.

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Our Creative Process

Our creative process uses high-quality photography combined with a highly accurate “stitching” software to create 3D models.


We take approximately 150 photographs of each food item then “stitch” them together into an amazing 3D model.


Our 3D Food And Drink team will make corrections and optimize the 3D model to make sure it is the best possible quality.


Our team of developers incorporates completed models into your mobile app, along with touch gesture controls.


Our analytics monitors each AR experience's performance, thus providing your team with additional guidance.